Krabi city of love and amazing destination

By | 14/03/2014

Million reasons to visit Krabi

thailand_krabi_and_islands_094Krabi is dream travel destination number one . The city of love . Lovely people and amazing nature , mountains, rocks , beaches, islands , food, … Krabi is one of the best and most amazing places in the world .

Krabi is really a dream destination . Million reasons Krabi is your next trip .

So small and so great offer . Cooast and long Aon Nang beach with a view of the many small islands, breathtaking for everyone.

Krabi is on the Andaman Sea and has an incredibly beautiful beach with large rocks that reaches 100 meters in height . These same rocks are on land , at sea and these are impressive . The most popular beaches are Ao Nang and Railay are about 130 small islands including the famous Phi Phi and Ko Lanta . Enjoying life in a natural beauty , waterfalls , caves , rocks , sails and sailing , scuba diving , kayaking , pedal …

Krabi city of love
Word love is always with you . Krabi offers everything for the perfect holiday , fun , adventure an unforgettable journey of a lifetime , and the environment will open up new possibilities of Koh Samui , Koh Pang An, Ko Tao , Malaysia, … Smiling people and very good food here.

Tours from Krabi  can be easily organized and tour of the island is something you remember all your life .

thailand_krabi_and_islands_080Answer why the island was called Chicken Chiken Island

“Beach” in the minds of people  because the movie “Beach” created on the island of Phi Phi with Leonardo DiCaprio . Advertising is a miracle, but the real beach is not in the commercial ….

Shopping here is fun because  great selection and prices are very good compared to some other destination. There’s nothing there antiques , silk , clothing, footwear , leather goods, bags …..

Krabi_KidsStaying at a local market or on the weekend market is such an experience that is hard to describe , the entire town lives for those days .

Tours boat tour of the islands Poda , Chicken , Tup , Pranang …
Climbing rocks , diving, sailing , fishing , water sports , coral reefs , museums , ….

Best beaches of Thailand and of the world
thailand_krabi_and_islands_062Ao Nang ,  Railay , Tonsai bays and beach paradise backpackers and climbers , amazing rockes,…

thailand_krabi_and_islands_059Thai cuisine ……. be in Krabi city of love