Koh Kod

tajland_koh_koodThailand treasure island Koh Kod or Ko Kut best place for vacation in the world.

Island with the best beaches in the world, a few cars, little electricity, internet retailers, and there is no nightlife. In Koh or Ko Kut is an undiscovered pearl of Thailand and easternmost island before Cambodia. The island is a popular place for people looking for a real vacation.

Definitely the best place for vacation in the world.

Most resorts are along the coast. The best way to explore island is to rent a motor bikes, that can be rented in almost all areas.  Bicycles can be rented but is hard because the heat of the roads …

West Coast has incredible beaches. The water is warm, and many beaches are mostly empty.  Swimming in the crystal clear waters, sunbathing, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking to waterfalls, …

Waterfalls Nam Tok Khlong Chao waterfall, with a huge swimming pool where you swim :)

You can rent kayaks, they are cheap ant this is a great way to discover the underwater world around Ko Kut.

Diving is easy, fun, and you can see turtles, stingrays, barracudas, small and large fish, and sea horses. Visibility can exceed 30 meters. Average visibility is around 15-20 meters. From July to September, the visibility was reduced to five meters. Avoid contact with coral reefs.

It is also interesting to explore
Ao Salat is a fishing village in the north
Ao Yai is a typical fishing village, great hospitality, even if you only speak Cambodian or Vietnamese.
300-year-old Macca Tree
Khao Rearub very old kind of rock, and religious place