Best time to visit Thailand?

By | 10/09/2013

Koh Samui - ThailandBest time travel to Thailand?

Weather in Thailand and top question when to visit Thailand?
Every time is good and nice 365 days in year. However you have low and high season, cheaper and expensive time, than you have festivals whole year, new eve,…

Southeast Asia there is no winter or summer, only a wet or dry season. The wet season is associated with the monsoons. Travelers are often warned to avoid traveling during the monsoons.

When is the best time to travel in Thailand? Any time :)

About monsoons. Monsoons are winds, and these winds are what bring the rains. But they are not like the rains in Europe and America. When it rains in Southeast Asia, it is generally for short periods of time, an hour or two; nor does it rain everyday.

Advantage to travelling during the monsoons. The weather is cooler, and when it isn’t raining you can be certain the sun will be out and the air will be crisp and clean. This is also a good time to travel for there are fewer travellers, towns and resorts are less crowded, and for certain, prices will be lower.

Aside from the monsoon season, when’s the best time to visit Thailand ?
During a festival, and in Thailand that means any time.

Thailand is land of festivals
Festivals in Thailand is that they are more than just special events; they are an essential part of social life that is performed by Thais for Thais. Foreign visitors are always invited.

There are festivals for eating, for traditional sports such as longboat racing, for flowers and fruits, arts and crafts, while others celebrate the hot season, rainy season, or no season at all.

Festivals have many inspirations and follow diverse forms. Some of the most important ones revolve around the main religions of Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, while others mark the changing cycle of rural planting and harvest.

Thais are a fun-loving people and most involve colorful displays of dancing and music, processions and shows, where everyone, locals as well as visitors, can have a good time.