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By | 20/09/2013

BN12394 Best Thailand islands with beautiful beaches and party atmosphere

The islands off the coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam are some of the most popular places for tourists to Southeast Asia to visit.

Some of these islands are famous throughout the world for their beautiful beaches and party atmosphere. But the best islands in Thailand also offer numerous opportunities for recreation, spiritual exploration, and relaxation.

Phi Phi

Phi Phi is a small archipelago in the Krabi Province in Southern Thailand. Ko Phi Phi is the largest island of the group, and is the only island with permanent inhabitants while the smaller Ko Phi Phi Leh is famous as the filming location for the 2000 movie “The Beach”. Adventure island paradise. Fine white sandy beaches, beautiful rocks that rise from the turquoise waters that surround the islands will instantly confirm you’ve arrived in paradise.

Phi Phi is primarily a place to enjoy nature. Surrounded by turquoise blue water is a paradise for divers. During the day, the ocean offers a myriad of activities and entertainment options. Excursions, diving courses, breakfast on the beach, a local boat tour around the island, rock climbing, jumping with them, swimming, fishing … are just some of the ways to wisely spend your time on the island. Climbing the rocks they gave themselves and unforgettable views you will be able to view and local sharks.

What is so great and good as Phi Phi a true gem for tourists? Phi Phi is a destination that will fascinate all people of various tastes. The best beach on the island is undoubtedly Maya Bay.

Ko ChangKo Chang

Located near the border with Cambodia, Ko Chang is the third largest island in Thailand and the biggest in the Ko Chang Marine Park archipelago with Ko Kod and Ko Mak.

It is a mountainous island known for several waterfalls, thriving coral reefs, rainforests and long white sandy beaches. In less than ten years, Ko Chang has become a major tourist destination in Thailand although still far quieter than islands like Phuket or Ko Samui.

Koh Kod

Best beaches in the world, a few cars, little electricity, no nightlife. In Koh or Ko Kut is an undiscovered pearl of Thailand and easternmost island before Cambodia. Definitely the best place for vacation in the world. The water is warm, and many beaches are mostly empty as thrills. Swimming in the crystal clear waters, sunbathing, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking to waterfalls, … Underwater world around Ko Kut. Diving turtles, stingrays, barracudas,and sea horses.


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