Bangkok in three days – Craziest city of the world

By | 14/03/2014

bangkok_169City of million people with number of historic  temples, thousands of restaurants, richness in nightlife.
Possible in 3 days. Yes it is , but you need to be prepared. Airport, hotel, routes per day, transport everything

Bangkok in three days – Craziest city of the world

Bangkok is the “Most” in the world most visited, noisiest , crazy, best food, night life, street life, traffic jams …
What else? You can make a plan for use time in the best possible way .

Transportation in Bangkok

bangkok_005Bangkok is so huge it is very hard to describe. Transportation can be a problem cause city traffic is overloaded. Some times traffic can be jamed for an hour, and on the and day is so stress. But in the evening everything is so easy . Good energy is all around you and Love is in the air.

Prices bus around 30-50 bht . Taxi use taximetar 300 – 350 bht ,  depend on locations and distance. Tuk tuk is symbol of Bangkok and you must try enjoy that ride 150 – 400 bata, motorbike super speed solution sometime can be only solution, don’t be scared…  Sky train always good option.

River and visiting temples most famous Wat Po i Wat Arun. What historical attraction. Dont miss symbols of Bangkok and old style.

Money, values, phone, night in Bangkok

Exchange money best in bank, check allways and also in stores. Money can be similar 200 bht like  2000bht be careful. In hotel room better don’t leave nothing, use deposit box  on reception. Lot of junkies…, in hotels and temples you can be warned about  thiefs.

Public phones are bad and you can loose your money. For same money on mobile you can talk a lot. You can decode your phone or buy cheap phone for 20 eura 800 bata ( 25$) i sim kard 90 150 bht, 2 3 eura talk a lot. Or buy new one smartphone for cool price.

Shopping? Bangkok is the world’s synonym for Shopping

bangkok_076Chatuchak Weekend Market is perhaps best and biggest market in the world . I’ve seen some of the most famous markets of Europe and Africa , heard fro some of South America and Mexico .. Who did not see this …

Days Saturday and Sunday . Jewelry rings, bracelets , earrings, silver , T-shirts , shorts , .. Everything is cheaper than in downtown Bangkok, 2 3 times, and in comparation to Europe 5-10 times .

Computers Cameras
bangkok_017Pantip Plaza notebook from 200 eur , the latest S4 Samsung phones , I phone , … Cameras from EUR 150 ..
MBK is  incredibly large center . Back Pak  120l 40-50 eur . 60l 30eur with a good bargain and less ..


Most importantly , in addition to gifts with closed hands , which symbolizes an expression of gratitude and respect Sawadee ka – hello women , men  Sawadee kap , kopkun carp – thank you.

Food famous Thai dishes

Thailand_Koh_Samui_125Pad Thai noodles and seafood, Tom Yum soup with crab , Fried Curry beef, chicken or pork  with chilli and basil , ginger Fried choice of meat , if desired. Ginger is always good for the stomach . You can eat in the restaurant but still on the streets despite all the dirt that is present , the choice is amazing.