Bangkok is number one

Venice of the East. Bangkok is the number one destination in the world. Bangkok is a great city

Cosmopolitan center of Southeast Asia. City hidden charm, great mysteries, amazing museums and fascinating past. Bangkok is one of the most popular destinations in the world with over 25 million visitors annually. Bangkok is the number one destination in the world by number of visits. A city of over 15 million people, was the capital of Thailand as far back as 1782. during the reign of King Rama I. Buildings, skyscrapers, amazing entertainment and shopping, mixed backpackers,  street food, vendors, transvestites, prostitutes, chaos, one word organized crowd.

Indeed Bangkok will dramatically change the landscape of the world in which you live and your eyes open and introduce the amazing Far East. Bangkok’s intoxicating and diverse, interesting, exotic and visually fascinating for visitors. Channels Bangkok will delight you for a moment to remind of Venice.

Every street in this city has its secrets around every corner some new hidden moment. Your job is to discover them.

Bangkok has a glittering temples which are the heart and soul of the city. We recommend you visit some of the most famous, Wat Pho, Wat Arun. The city is rich in museums, art galleries and unusual places, some of them quite interesting and the other a bit bizarre.

Bangkok is a city full of historical sights and very attractive city.

Pattaya is located just 150 kilometers from Bangkok, is famous for its pubs and go-go bars, and developed sport activities. Pattaya is popular not only for its beaches, nightlife, entertainment and shopping, but also for a large selection of different activities, from golf and horseback riding to bungee jumping, water skiing and riding .

Top 5

Bangkok by Night. Nightlife, clubs, restaurants,bars,..
The floating markets of Bangkok – relaxing on the boat, with the opportunity to purchase fruits, vegetables, coconut juice and local food prepared for floating kitchens.
Grand Palace  – covered with stained glass and mirrors, the famous example of the Thai design.
Forensic Museum – fascinating museum, if you like creepy things.
Shrines & Spirit Houses – Houses and holy ghost.