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By | 20/09/2013

Suvarnabhumi_Airport_Departures_Hall_Bangkok_ThailandSuvarnabhumi Airport the Gateway to Asia
Suvarnabhumi Airport has an area of 20,000 Rai(8,000 acres), situates on Bangna-Trad Road, Km 15. and
is 25 km  far from Bangkok.

His Majesty the King Bhumipol Adulyadej had conferred the name
“SUVARNABHUMI AIRPORT” which means “The Golden Land”


Can Accommodate 45 million passengers per year
Can Support 76 flights per hour
Can Support of 3 million tons of cargo per year

The Car Park Building
There are 2 car park buildings in front of the Passenger Terminal, which can accommodate approx. 5,000 cars and there is also a 30,000 m2 car park area that can accommodate 1,000 cars.

The Public Transport Center
The Public Transport Center has a total area of about 42,000 m2 or 26 Rai. The area is divided into a car park area and a waiting area for various mode of transpartation, such as taxi, limousines, and car rentals. Moreover, within the center, there is a bus terminal for 2 types of public transportation stations, for Bangkok Mass Transport Authority (BMTA) and Transport Company Limited buses. There are also a petrol station and a convenient store.

Duty-Free Zone
The government has a policy to promote Suvarnabhumi Airport as a Center of Aviation, Passenger and Cargo Transportation. Therefore, the Duty-Free Zone was created in order to facilitate the handling of inbound, outbound cargo and transit cargo with minimum customs procedure. The Duty Free Zone is located in the northwest end of the Airport, and has a total area of 549,416 m2 or about 345 Rai, as a well as public area of 111,156 m2 .

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